Our Global Brand

The visual identity captures our brand, expresses our vision, sets us apart from our competitors, and shall be a recognized well-known signal for employees, customers and shareholders. As individual as a person, its unique lines and contours could belong to only one brand – Permobil.

Our Global Brand

Permobil products are the key to independence to thousands of users worldwide. For more than 40 years we have been working with, and for, our customers. The Permobil brand consists of many devoted employees. Please meet some of them.


Todd WallingTodd Walling
SR Vice President of Sales, Nashville USA

To me the brand Permobil stands for Innovation and Excellence. We as a company have great passion and commitment to improving people's lives than anyone else. And we empower people by continually designing and manufacturing the best technology available when it comes to powered wheelchairs. I would say that Permobil is "World Class" when it comes to products and also because of the commitment to hiring and developing the best people in the industry. 


Mehdi MirzaieMehdi Mirzaie
Research development manager, Nashville, USA

Top brand those are the words that I immediately recognize when thinking about Permobil. We have the best people in the industry working for us, the most innovative products and with that also come true compassion. One of the biggest strengths that we have is that we connect to people through innovation and our attitude to make life better with our products. 

Marie PetterssonMarie Pettersson
Manager Shared Service Center Scandinavia Group Finance Timrå, Sweden

To me Permobil stands for happiness, joy, quality of life and high quality products. We have a unique design that is both functional as well as good looking. It is fantastic knowing that Permobil gives our users the freedom and independence that we do. Being in the finance department, I think it is important to always keep in mind that at the end of the line, in all we do, there is a person getting the benefits of our products. Permobil makes a difference! 

Jean Michel PommeJean Michel Pomme
Sales Company Manager, Lifestand Manager, Lyon, France

To me Permobil is Passion, devotion, solution, innovation, family, respect, understanding, customer oriented, performance, and design - all in one! For us everything is possible, we never give up. We are customer oriented and we are driven by customer satisfaction in everything we do, looking for the best solutions all the time. Not to forget, we belong to a group: The Permobil family!

Jessie JangJessie Jang
Operating Manager Local Management, Kunshan, China

Team work is the biggest strength of Pemobil, using our recourses and people on a global level that makes us outstanding as a company. Every day we see how big of a difference Permobil products can make to those disabled who need proper assistive device. We make a difference! We have the best products and that together with best after sales service is one of the keys that make us World Class. 

Owen DawesOwen Dawes
Managing director, Australia

Permobil offer unique solutions for people with unique needs. The staff at all levels, have a genuine commitment to what we are doing in providing specialized mobility devices to people with disabilities. By firstly showing clients what technology and options they have available to them, rather than being told what they can have or need, we empower our users to be more independent and achieve a better quality of life.

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