Standing ability, everywhere.

Standing is an effective way to promote greater independence and reduce the risk for secondary complications associated with long-term sitting in wheelchairs. The F5 Corpus VS includes all the power seat functions of the F5 Corpus in addition to standing and drivability while standing. It should be prescribed for users who want to benefit from standing but cannot stand independently.

Model Highlights

  • Seat height 450 mm
  • Seat height with electric seat lift 450–800 mm
  • Max. user weight 150 kg
  • Seat width 420–570 mm (by 50 mm)
  • Seat depth 370–570 mm (by 25 mm)
  • Backrest width 360/410/460/510 mm
  • Backrest height 470, 545–670 mm (by 25 mm)
  • Distance between armrests 380–480/480–580 mm
  • Backrest angle – adjustable 120°(manual),150° & 180°(power)
  • Armrest height 185–320 mm
  • Legrest angle – adjustable 90°–180°
  • Range 25–35 km*
  • Max. speed 12 km/h
  • Turning in corridor 1140 mm
  • Obstacle capability 70–100 mm
  • Electric tilt adjustment (posterior) 50°
  • Crash tested

Features & Specs

  • Control

    The latest driving and seat positioning controls. Full colour LCD display with memory functions, speedometer and clock.
  • Stand comfortably and confidently.

    Standing offers the best reduction of load on the sitting bones, which helps to reduce the risk of pressure injuries. There are many functional, health and psycho-social benefits associated with standing in wheelchairs.* *RESNA position on the Application of Wheelchair Standing Devices, (Arva et al. 2009)
  • corpus seat

    Corpus: the ultimate seat system

    Improved comfort, pelvic positioning, lateral stability and immersion are all key objectives of the new Corpus seat. The new Corpus cushions feature softer two-layer foam on the backrest, a re-designed pelvic well and Stretch-Air™ cushion fabric. Combined with BodyNatural, the new Permobil Corpus seat is the ultimate seat system for power chair users up to 150 kg, whether they require power functions or not.
  • Active height

    Thanks to Active Height seat elevation, you’ll no longer miss out on any conversations. Meeting people eye-to-eye reduces the need to look up all the time, which can help to reduce pain in your neck and shoulders as well.
  • Personalise your ride.

    Choose from a range of UV-resistant chassis colours. Easy to clean and easy to mount.
  • Agile Suspension

    Fully independent suspension on all wheels is especially beneficial for active outdoor users, or users of alternative controls like chin steering
  • Easy to service

    Due to the special chassis, the F5 is very easy to service
  • Special solutions

    Permobil also offers special made-to-measure solutions to fulfil your personal wishes. Contact your Permobil dealer if you want any other options.


  • colors 1.
  • colors 2.
  • colors 3.
  • colors 4.
  • colors 5.
  • colors 6.
  • colors 7.
  • colors 8.
  • colors 9.
  • colors 10.
  • colors 11.
  • colors 12.
  • colors 13.
  1. AQUA
  4. CHILI
  7. SKY
  10. VIOLET
  11. BRONZE (premium)
  12. GOLD (premium)
  13. PLATINUM (premium)


  • leatherette 1.
  • stretch air 2.
  1. Leatherette
  2. Stretch Air


  • Tarpaulin

  • Headrest

  • Lumbar support, inflatable

  • UniTrack

  • Oxygen holder

  • Crutch holder

  • Belt, self-adjusting

  • Footstraps

  • Backpack, incl. hooks

  • Bag hook set

  • Armrest bag

  • Luggage box

    Luggage box, F5

    With light kit/With reflectors
  • cup holder

    Cup holder

  • Tablet holder

    Tablet holder

  • Phone holder

    Phone holder

  • Table

  • Parallel joystick holder

  • Height adjustable mount joystick holder (With Unitrack)

  • Lights2

  • Magic Drive Touch

    Environmental control
  • Lateral supports

  • Elbow support

  • Side support armrest