Permolock C3
New flexible and intelligent car restraint

Permolock C3

With our latest wheelchair restraint, Permolock C3, you can now use wheelchair models C300 and C350 as car seats in your vehicle. The restraint consists of two units: two pegs mounted on the underside of the wheelchair chassis and a locking plate mounted in the vehicle. Permolock C3 can also be used as a transport restraint, in which case it is positioned sideways behind the driver's seat. The user parks the wheelchair behind the driver's seat, locks the wheelchair in position with Permolock C3, rotates the driver's seat by 90 degrees and moves across onto it.

With its compact and flexible design, Permolock C3 is easy to handle and install. The restraint is adjustable both for angle and height, making installation that much easier, especially on sloping surfaces. Permolock C3 is also guaranteed to be easy to service. With its intelligent construction, servicing can start as soon as the restraint cover is removed. Another new function is that you can now reverse your wheelchair onto the restraint. The chair is locked in place electronically by a button mounted in the vehicle. The restraint can be mounted in both driver's and passenger seat locations in all types of vehicle suitable for powered wheelchairs. Naturally Permolock C3 has been designed to comply with extremely high safety requirements, both our own and those of the Swedish Technical Research Institute. The restraint has also undergone comprehensive crash testing under the applicable ISO standards.

Model Highlights

  • LENGTH 310 MM
  • WIDTH 280 MM
  • HEIGHT 72-97 MM
  • WEIGHT 10 KG