Head Array
Total control, easy to use and tough to notice

Maintaining our tradition of using innovation to enhance the lives of people needing powered mobility, our new Total Control Head Array System takes adjustability and versatility to the next level. With its telescoping arms and the ability to mount proximity sensors or mechanical switches virtually anywhere, the device can be easily configured to meet any control need. Plus, the Permobil head array's comfortable, minimal design allows the user to control the chair without being overwhelmed by the equipment. In other words, you'll see the person, not the product.


Model Highlights

  • Head Array 3-switch
  • Head Array 4-switch
  • Head Array 5-switch

Features & Specs

  • Transfer

    Transfers Made Easy Arms swing completely out of the way to allow for total lateral clearance.
  • Enhanced Control

    Two occipital sensors make large targets for more accessible activation and simplified turning.
  • Plug and Play

    Color-coded jacks on connection panel are easily connected, disconnected or re-assigned.
  • Perfect fit

    Telescoping arms can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, lengthened and shortened to custom-fit the user.