Co-pilot 2

When operating a wheelchair it is important to companions that the chair is easy to control. Permobil's new Co-pilot 2 for wheelchairs that are operated by companions works quite differently to earlier versions of companion control. The major advantage of the Co-pilot 2 is that it requires hardly any muscle strength and control of the wheelchair is extremely intuitive; as simple as guiding a pushchair. The control system responds immediately when the speed or direction change. The Co-pilot 2 also has the unique function that the companion can control the chair functions and speed.

Features & Specs

  • control bar

    Control bar

    Take a firm grip of the control bar and the wheelchair starts to move in the desired direction. Push slightly to the right and the chair moves easily to the right. As you walk faster, the chair's speed also increases. The responsive control makes driving the chair safer and easier both for the companion and for the wheelchair user.
  • Handles

    The ergonomic grip can be neatly folded away when not in use.
  • Ergonomics

    The height and angle of the ergonomic grip can be adjusted for greater ease of use by the companion.