Intelligent Control System (ICS)
Is it possible to make a powered wheelchair think?
The challenge for Permobil's research and development department has long been to find a sophisticated way of aligning and coordinating the driving performance of the chassis with the electrical functions of the seat.

Intelligent Control System (ICS) is a new seat control system which together with PG's R-net control system constitutes a big step forward towards the "thinking wheelchair". It results in completely new opportunities for far-reaching individualisation of movements and functions.

With ICS and the R-net control system, your Permobil chair gains new and unique features.
Some examples:

• The electrical functions in the seat can be programmed for multiple movements, e.g. from recumbent to standing, in a suitably controlled movement.
• Memory functions which store your favourite positions and mean you can resume these with a single press of a button.
• The system detects various seat positions and is able to adapt driving performance and safety accordingly.
• The seat's possible movements are continuously monitored and determined on the basis of the chair's current settings and status.
• Different functions can be controlled with several types of control unit, e.g. button box, joystick or individual buttons. The system can also handle several different control units simultaneously.
• The need for mechanical switches for limiting movements and driving has been minimised for improved operating reliability.
• Improved information direct to the display with regard to the functions available and how they will affect the chair's performance.

The opportunities for individual programming of features are almost unlimited. Thanks to ICS these can now be exploited to the full to create a holistic solution reflecting the most extreme demands for functionality.

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