Tiro the training tool.

Driving to LearnTM
Tiro-1So easy it's genius. With the help of a specially designed powered wheelchair Dr Lisbeth Nilsson has developed a method for increasing awareness. The experience of motion in a joystick operated powered wheelchair grows curiosity and the will to explore, to experiment and to master the tool.

Who will the method work for?
Driving to Learn™ turns the idea of how to use a powered wheelchair upside down. The method is useful for stimulating growth, development and learning in people with any kind of cognitive disabilities, whether they are ambulatory or have mobility limitations.

The power wheelchair
TIRO - the learning tool™ has been designed especially to fit for the method Driving to Learn™. This design makes the electronics work in a direct and predictable way. Speed and power are adjusted so that people with limited understanding and slow reactions can learn, without being afraid or causing damage. The seating system is extremely flexible and can easily be adjusted without tools. The tray with the joystick mounted in the midline allows support of forearms and use of both hands. C300 TIRO – the learning tool™ can be used by a small child as well as an adult.


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