Simple, reliable and safe
VR2-PhotoDriving an advanced powered wheelchair will never be simpler and safer than with the new VR-2 control system. The basic idea is quite simply "sit and drive". The exact-position joystick gives the user maximum precision and feeling for the chair's capabilities and driving characteristics. VR-2 is a highly reliable and robust control system developed for frequent and extended use. New VR-2 is characterised by the same user-friendliness and thorough-going quality considerations you have come to expect from Permobil. VR-2 is a technically advanced system without the many extra functions and programming facilities in R-net. But VR-2 is still able to handle simpler extra functions and user programming requirements.

• Further enhancement to driving precision and safety
• Facility for controlling simple electrical functions
• Clear and logical button functions
• Robust, hard-wearing design

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