MagicDrive Touch
We put you in control.


Problems are there to be solved. That is the thought behind our alternative control system MagicDrive Touch. Whatever your disability, you will be able to control the wheelchair easily and actively whilst maintaining direct control of your environment and communication with others in everyday life.

The MagicDrive Touch is so flexible that most problems can be solved. A nod of the head or the slightest finger movement can be all it takes to operate the wheelchair. For example, contact by means of telephone, digital media or modern speech technology is also possible with the MagicDrive Touch.

In practice, this means that the MagicDrive Touch can be adapted to the user's individual needs. Every wheelchair is personalised. The key is to use advanced technology to enable what used to be impossible. For many disabled people, MagicDrive Touch can make the difference between doing something yourself or having to ask for help.


The MagicDrive Touch does more than open doors!

Of course you can use the MagicDrive Touch to open doors, but you can also use it to operate the radio, TV, lights, computer and tablet. Your safety has also not been forgotten: the MagicDrive Touch can be connected to an alarm or intercom system.

The MagicDrive Touch incorporates infrared and Z-wave (radio wave) environmental controls, offering you all the flexibility you require to operate equipment in your environment. To use the infrared control you can select a code from the pre-installed library or install a new code yourself. For Z-wave controls you can programme and manage the network on the MagicDrive Touch yourself.

As you programme the menu yourself it makes operating your environmental equipment easy and clear. E.g.: programming controls per room (kitchen, lounge, bedroom) or per product group: one button to switch all the lights off.


The MagicDrive Touch uses state of the art technology to enable you to control your environment the way you want to. The record function enables you to record sound which can then be used as short spoken messages or acoustic feedback. You can operate the MagicDrive Touch with the touch screen, the joystick on your wheelchair, buttons, a USB keypad, etc. The mobile phone solution guarantees the reliability of this function in the event of an emergency. Then TTS (text to speech) functionality enables you to call someone and to 'speak' to him/her even if you cannot use your own voice.

Model Highlights

  • Various operating options: touch screen, buttons, wheelchair controls.
  • Stand Alone use possible thanks to high performance Li-Ion battery capacity.
  • Customisable background.
  • Adjustable button size: small, medium or large.
  • Learn the infrared codes and operate your equipment.
  • Select your own personal menu structure.
  • Connect USB appliances such as a flash disk, USB-mouse etc.
  • Manage details of your contact persons.
  • Control your environment using Z-wave technology.
  • Record sound and voices to use later.
  • TTS feedback (text to speech); screen displays your position.
  • TTS messenger; whatever you type is spoken.
  • Media player; plays music and videos and displays photos.
  • Different voices, depending on the language you select.
  • Make telephone calls using an IR-telephone or the integrated mobile phone function.
  • Available in 11 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.

Features & Specs

  • Integrated

    With just one integrated operating system you can not only control your wheelchair autonomously and independently, but also operate your communications and environmental equipment effi ciently, all using the same display.
  • Plug & Play

    Plug & play system ensures that adjustments and control changes are quick and easy to realise. This also means there is no need for a replacement system.
  • Graphic screen

    The graphic screen of the MagicDrive EC can also be used separately, detached from the wheelchair (stand-alone). So you no longer need to buy a second system.
  • Easy-to-operate

    Easy-to-operate via a clear display with text, icons or speech and a well-designed menu structure. Available in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian.
  • Standard infrared

    The standard inbuilt infrared transmitter can learn up to 200 infrared codes from existing remote controls. These can be used to control a large part of your environment directly.
  • Reusable

    Reusable with comprehensive and standard installation package.
  • Flexible

    Available on wheelchairs for adults and children.
  • Controls

    With a large range of special controls such as joystick, minijoystick, finger joystick, scanning, etc., there is a solution enabling everyone to operate the MagicDrive EC.
  • Customisation

    Easy and fl exible set-up enables customisation of the MagicDrive EC to suit your personal requirements.
  • Infrared

    The inbuilt infrared transmitter already holds a number of fixed codes enabling remote operation of switches, computer mouse and telephone.
  • Options

    Its range of optional modules makes the MagicDrive EC the most complete system on the market.
  • Simple programming

    Settings can be easily adjusted by the user and the dealer.


  • Compact joystick advance

    All functions are operated with the joystick.
  • Heavy duty joystick

    Specially designed to withstand high pressure. All functions are operated with the joystick.
  • Mini-joystick

    Minimal movement of the finger or chin is enough to operate the wheelchair.
  • Finger control

    Functions as a joystick which can be operated with minimal exertion of the finger.
  • Head control

    Using the head control unit in the headrest the user can operate the wheelchair by head movements.
  • Compact joystick (Light)

    All functions are operated with the joystick. Also available in an ultralight design.
  • Compact joystick chin control

  • Tablet control

    The tablet control is a durable flat operating panel with the user's hand functioning as a responsive joystick.
  • Sip & Puff control

    Special control operated by the mouth and lips.
  • Foot control joystick

    The wheelchair and any environment controls can be fully and responsively operated with the foot control (optional).
  • Scan select switch

    The desired function is activated with a light touch on the switch.
  • Switch on gooseneck

  • Grasp switch

  • Cup switch

  • Multi switch control

    1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 external switches can be attached as drive and control buttons.
  • Scan select touch switch

    Simply touching the contact activates the desired function.
  • Buddy button

    Works as an external function switch.
  • Mini cup switch

  • Micro light switch