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Pressrelease 2016-11-11
Permobil observes Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day
Permobil will join healthcare professionals working in hospitals, rehab centers and nursing facilities around the globe in observing Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day, November 17, 2016. The day is part of an effort launched by National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) in the United States.
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Pressrelease 2016-10-17
Dr. Amit Gefen Receives High-Profile Career Award from the WUWHS/Journal of Wound Care
Dr. Amit Gefen, Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Chair, Roho Scientific Advisory Board recently received the Career Award for Advances in Pressure Care given by the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) and the Journal of Wound Care (JWC).
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Pressrelease 2016-10-05
Ultrasound shown to be a viable risk assessment tool for Deep Tissue Injuries
A recent study concluded ultrasound (US) is a good, viable measurement method to assess anatomical structures and identify one of the key risk factors of deep tissue injury.The work was funded by a grant from Roho, a business unit of Permobil, and Kara Kopplin, Senior Director of Efficacy and Research was the industry collaborator and co-author.
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Pressrelease 2016-08-25
Permobil Australia hosts world renowned Dr Amit Gefen's first conference presentation in Australia
Permobil Australia will host Dr. Amit Gefen, B. Sc in Mechanical Engineering, MSc and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, at a one-day conference November 8, 2016 at the L'Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park in Sydney, Australia.
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Pressrelease 2016-08-21
Permobil expanding in Canada - acquires Advanced Health Care
Effective September 1, 2016 Permobil will be taking over operations of Advanced Health Care. The acquisition is an important step for Permobil in its strategy to become the number one advanced rehab technology company in Canada.
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Pressrelease 2016-06-30
Tomas Puusepp elected as new board member at Permobil
"Tomas Puusepp has a broad and deep knowledge and will be of great benefit to Permobil's continuous global growth and its focus on advanced rehab technology," says Martin Lundstedt, Chairman of Permobil.
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Pressrelease 2016-04-01
Permobil acquires iCare
Permobil today announced the acquisition of iCare JMB SAS, a leading distributor of power wheelchairs in the French market.
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Pressrelease 2015-03-25
Permobil acquires ROHO
Permobil today announced the acquisition of The ROHO Group, Inc., the global leader in skin protection and positioning solutions for wheelchair users, based in Belleville, IL. The acquisition marks the next important step in Permobil's strategy to become a leading healthcare company, providing innovative advanced rehabilitation solutions for people with disabilities.
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Pressrelease 2014-05-28
Permobil acquires TiLite
Permobil has acquired TiLite, a leading provider of innovative and customized manual wheelchairs.
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Pressrelease 2013-08-05
Permobil Becomes Premiere-Level Partner of The ALS Association
Permobil has joined forces with The ALS Association as a Premiere-Level Partner to offer support and enhance the quality of life for individuals impacted by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Read more.

Pressrelease 2013-05-15
Acquisition of Permobil completed
Following approval by the competition authorities, Investor's acquisition of Permobil, announced on March 27, 2013, has been completed. Read more.

Pressrelease 2013-03-27
Nordic Capital divests global market leader Permobil to Investor
Since Nordic Capital acquired Permobil in 2006, the company has nearly doubled its sales and is now the global leader in the complex rehabilitation power wheelchairs industry. Read more.

Pressrelease 2013-01-15
Permobil AB acquires Hedemora Adaptation AB
Permobil AB has today acquired Hedemora Adaptation AB. Hedemora Adaptation pursue customization of cars for people with disabilities. It was founded in 1996 and the number of employees runs up to a total of 24 persons. The founders Rickard Undevik and Ove Lund will remain in the company. Read more.

Pressrelease 2013-01-14
Permobil launches heavy duty mid-wheel chair
LEBANON, Tenn. (January 14, 2013) – Permobil, Inc. today announced the launch of the M300 Corpus® HD power wheelchair, further expanding its mid-wheel drive product line-up. Read more. 

Pressrelease 2012-08-07
Permobil named a 2012 Next award finalist
LEBANON, Tenn. (August 7, 2012) – Permobil, Inc. has been named a finalist for the NEXT Awards.
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Pressrelease 2012-06-18
2012 ALS Sponsorship
LEBANON, Tenn. (June 18) – Permobil, Inc. today announced its continued support of the ALS Association by signing on as a national Walk Team. Read more. 

Pressrelease 2012-05-27
Permobil announces corporate logo update
LEBANON, Tenn. (May 25, 2012) – Permobil, Inc. today announced it is refreshing its corporate logo for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the global power wheelchair company, founded in 1963 by Dr. Per Uddén. Read more. 

Pressrelease 2012-05-01
Extended customer support
LEBANON, Tenn. (May 1, 2012) – Permobil, Inc. today announced that it would be extending its customer support hours.
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Pressrelease 2012-01-17
Permobil sharpens stance of C300
LEBANON, Tenn. (January 17, 2012) – Permobil, Inc. today unveiled an updated look for the C300 power wheelchair base. With all of the same electronics and functionality as before, the newly redesigned C300 offers contemporary styling and powerful lines for a modern look. Read more.

Pressrelease 2011-09-19
PERMOBIL expands Corpus® 3G product offering
LEBANON, Tenn. (September 19, 2011) – Permobil, Inc. today announced the revolutionary Corpus 3G seating system will now be available on five of its power wheelchair bases—the C300, C350, C400, C500 and M300. Read more.

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